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DAS Moto

Home of AJP in Christchurch

Specialist in Suspension upgrades

Servicing & Two Stroke Engines

29 Saxon Street
Phillipstown 8011

Phone: 03 389 0080
Fax: 03 389 9910


Linton, owner of DAS Moto and the original Gas Gas nutta and proud of it

Linton is an original member of DAS Moto. He has been working in the motorcycle industry since the 1970’s. Specialising in suspension work for the last 20 years, means he has bounced a massive amount of bikes up and down working on suspension issues. Having worked with everybody from beginners to national competitors, covering both road & dirt, makes finding solutions easier.


DAS Moto Service & Suspension also service Road/Street bikes recognizing that even road bike suspension can be improved, still offering the same great service but to a wider range of bikes.

DAS Moto is owned and operated by Linton.  He is a dedicated trail rider himself . In the weekend you will usually find him on the trails somewhere. Since Linton rides more often than most of his customers, this gives him a real practical knowledge of what works in the South Island conditions, and because of this the shop carries a range of accessories to keep your bike working including Mitas Adventure & Offroad tyres, Maxima oils, Goldfren disc pads, Hyde Racing skid plates, Gas Gas bikes & parts.