The new AJP PR7 is now in New Zealand.

After two years of development AJP has created one of the most exciting models in recent years for all trail lovers and adventure bike enthusiasts.

The trail segment is still one of the most dynamic in the motorcycle industry, with all major manufacturers being present, some of them with a considerable number of alternatives, offering a wide range of products.  However, despite all the investment done, resulting in a sustainable growth of the category, the roots of the trail philosophy have been forgotten. The path is dominated by increasing performance, complex technology, high weight and less off road potential.

This is how the trail segment has evolved, with bikes more and more oriented for use on the highway, extremely comfortable and effective on the road, but unable to perform in the dirt.

AJP is a brand with off road in its veins and any new model must follow the roots, even if we are entering a very important segment and competing with all the big names of the industry.

The PR7 is easy to define: a real off road bike, light, compact, agile, but comfortable, capable of good mileage and designed to carry luggage.  Standard features include a Cush drive rear hub, titanium header pipes well protected by the HD bash plate, Shorai Lithium battery, ASUS Android tablet that enables the rider to download their prefered navigational apps.  The intention of the tablet is to provide a simple and easy navigational platform.  The tablet can be used with a standard GPS (Garmin, Tom Tom, Here WeGo) or offline tracker (OruxMaps, etc).  The tablet can also be used as simply a heads up display with speedomoter, timer, trip meter, etc, depending on the app.  The tablet also features a handy USB port to enable the rider to charge other accessories.

From the first prototype, we kept the new generation of the proven hybrid frame made of aluminum and steel, now even lighter, compact and rigid, using two lightweight twin spars bolted to the compact steering head that is used also as an oil reservoir.

The AJP PR7 is equipped with top suspension, an inverted front fork with full adjustability, 48mm inner tubes and a generous stroke of 300mm. Making this a real off road bike with real dirt heritage.

On the rear, the cast aluminum swingarm is another trademark of the brand and the progressive linkage takes full advantage of the piggyback fully adjustable rear shock, capable of 280mm of travel.

Brakes are well dimensioned with a 300mm front disc operated by a two piston caliper, and a 240mm rear rotor, allowing for good power on the tarmac, ease of use and a great feel on the dirt.

Overall dimensions are compact and everybody knows how important it is to have a bike you feel at home on when riding on your feet. This is possible because like all other AJP models, the fuel tank is located under the seat, creating a narrow line but also low mass centralization with a total fuel capacity of 17 litres.  A change from the first prototype is the location of the fuel cap, now in front of the seat.

The bike weighs 140kg dry, or 165kg with full tank and all fluids included, on a bike designed to conquer mountains or deserts all over the world, using 90/90-21 and 140/80-18 tyres, front and rear respectively, built with the very best materials in terms of spokes, rims and hubs, because we want all future adventurers to ride on all kinds of terrain, with no fears or limitations.


The compact, light and modern 600cc unit, is equipped with a balancer shaft (low vibration) and a six speed gearbox, allowing for strong but smooth power produced by the liquid cooled single cylinder, with double overhead camshaft and four valves.

The bore and stroke ratio is not radical and you can expect good torque on low and middle rpm from the 100 x 76.4 mm unit, fed by a modern fuel injection system with a 45 mm throttle body.

Experienced users know that there is nothing like a single to ride on the dirt, a predictable engine with small dimensions and immediate response from the smallest throttle opening, but with this unit, there is also room for traveling on the road with smoothness and enough power to cruise on the highway.